Words + Text

Dance Me a Poem / Literal

Pick a short poem that you like or a few lines from a longer piece.

Begin with one line from the poem and create a gesture to go with every single word, including the conjugations, such as “to” “a” and “the.” The gesture should be fairly simple, but feel free to get creative with using any part of the body to represent each word.

You can either repeat this single phrase with different rhythms and speeds or continue on to create gestures and “choreography” for the entire poem. 

Once you have a set phrase, improvise within the gestures you create, playing with the quality of the movements depending on the sound of the words and the intention and emotions behind them.




Words + Text

Dance Me a Poem / Feeling



Pick a poem or poetic piece of prose. Ignoring the literal words of the poetry, try to create movement that sums up the emotion and intention behind each line and phrase. Dance the story or feeling of it, rather than the text.


It can help to either record yourself reciting the poem out loud and listen to the recording as you move, or have a friend read it aloud for you.

Photography and tasks by Ruby Josephine Smith