Dancing cards guest photographer from Austria, Scott Goetz visited Modena in Italy photographing local dancers Giada Ottaviani and Silvia Proietti. 



Form continuing lines with your body imagine shadows continuing from the tips of your fingers, toes, knees, point of ankles.



With a partner


Take turns to continue each others lines and shadows, Where your partner is sending a line, you can catch this line with your body and change the direction of the line.



Jump up like a rocket and scatter your arms and/or legs to various directions in the air. When you land, slowly form the shapes you did in the air before jumping again.




Imagine a building that is familiar to you. Begin to mimic the shapes of this building with your movement. How do different parts of the building move? Windows stairs, doors, brick wood etc…

Screen Shot 2018-05-24 at 4.02.30 PM.png



Create identical and symmetrical movement with both sides of your body at the same time. How long can you keep generating symmetrical movement? The idea behind this exercise is to provide “symmetrical” workout for both hemispheres of your brain.





Maintain the stretch while slowly transitioning from position to another stopping for a moment during each pose. Continue moving, the body is in a continuous stretch.



Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 9.18.22 AM.png


Imagine you are standing in a puddle of water 2 inches deep. Sift your weight on one leg. With your free-floating leg, begin to draw shapes on the surface of the water. When you lose your balance, switch legs and repeat the task.

Eventually, include your arms to draw three-dimensional shapes with the leg. Continue to draw your way through space.



Try not to lock the knee of the supporting leg (the leg you are standing on). Have your leg slightly bent. If you are an advanced dancer, you may let your leg be straight. Move onto the ball of your foot and slowly lower your heel back down. Maintain a straight line with the supporting leg, holding the knee in line with the first and second toes. To create support for the torso, active your abdominal muscles by pulling your navel up and in towards your spine. If you lose your balance, return back to standing on one leg and finish the task. First time try to go for 30 seconds, each week dance the task a bit longer. Repeat this task with both legs.


Following the progress:

Repeat task twice a week for 30 seconds to 2 minutes on each leg. If you film your dance, wear shorts to see the line with the knee and the toes. How long does it take your balance improve? Are some days harder than others to stay on one leg?