Dancing with your kid -Directing movement-

Dancing with your kids is a fun way to add movement into your day.

In this dance task, the child is giving movement cues with his hand to the mother. The mother keeps moving slow motion towards or away from the movement cue, the child is composing the dance. I was first introduced to a version of this dance task in New York City at a Choreographic Investigation Course in 2013. The mover gets to make decisions while in motion and the person giving movement cues is molding the dance on their part. It is a wonderful co-creative exercise, which can be used to find new movement-pathways, to break the routines of the mover. This task is suitable for all ages and you can easily make your own version of it.

Interested in dance? My son and I would love to invite you to take part in the co-creative dance project. Take a dance photo and send it to us via upload link on this page. Let’s create one big dance piece together!

This is part of the short documentary videos of our personal dance journey. These dance tasks are for inspirational use only.