Make dances = Study self

Dancing cards task themes vary from embodying abstract concepts to investigating experimental anatomy. Some of the tasks may be familiar to you from your contemporary or creative dance class and many of them are new.  You will soon discover different takes on topics such as water. This is the fascinating part in creating dances, each one of us has something unique to offer. Here at Dancing cards we share and co-create, enjoying the artistic ideas of and physical benefits that versatile movement has to offer. In the way we change our hairstyle, watch a movie or try a new dish, we refresh ourselves to move in new ways. Welcome to build your dances with Dancing cards and the artists! 

With the Dancing cards ™ you become a moving scientist. Using improvised dance as a tool you will investigate topics such as gravity, planets, nature, anatomical points, time and space. Body positive, inclusive dance practice is based on your unique movement history. Use movement for manifesting ideas and goals. Suitable for ages 17 and up. Children younger than 16- years old can practice with Dancing cards with a guardian or Dancing cards instructor.

Making dances


1. Pick 4 or as many dance tasks as you would like.

2. Create movement with each dance task.

3. Use the dace tasks as if they were musical notes, dancing them together, continuing one task after another, letting them overlap, etc..

4. Invent your own way to compose dances with Dancing cards tasks or invent your own dance tasks. Be inspired! Share your dances with us #Dancingcards #dancetasks

Dancing cards 

-Imagine Dance-

Welcome to your Dancing cards experience!

The Dancing Cards are here to inspire you to create your own body-mind map. With the Dancing cards, you become the creator, the scientist in motion. Investigate topics such as gravity, planets, nature, anatomical points, time and space. Guided by dance artists, the Dancing cards ™ experience is an ever-evolving artistic movement practice. 

Each Dancing cards task can be danced 2 to 20 minutes

Secure your movement space

Before you begin make sure you have cleared your space off of clutter. You need to adjust your movement according to your surroundings. If the floor is slippery, dance barefoot. We recommend dancing barefoot to help the muscles of the feet to strengthen and for you to sense the floor better. Remove sharp objects, tables with corners etc. 

Tune into your body
You are about to “get into your body”. 
This is a phrase dancers use to describe how they bring the awareness to their bodies and get ready to work with the intuition. It is a way to push aside the thoughts and everyday things we do, the life outside the dance studio. 

Here is an example of how you can shift your attention to your body and begin moving from a focused state of mind. By tuning into your body, you will gain the awareness of the current physical state of your body, energy, and mind. 

You can begin by laying on the floor or by standing. Your eyes closed, take a few deep inhale through the nose, and on each exhale relax one part of your body. With each breath focus on one part of your body. 

Example: Inhale to your neck and shoulders, feel the lung cavities expand. On the exhale relax your neck and shoulders. 
Body parts to go through Head, face, neck and shoulders, arms, hands, chest, back, sides of the body, pelvis, thighs, calves, feet, toes. You can use our recording to guide this exercise. 

Benefits of this exercise:

Brings the awareness to your body before moving. 
Relaxes and reduces stress
Improves the distribution of oxygen to the body and the flow of nutrients to the body. 


Make this into an exercise 

You can extend this exercise to cover more detailed parts of the body, eyes, lips, cheeks, chin, organs, skin, fascia cells of the body. You can break down the body anatomically.
Listen to our “Into the body” recording. 


Stretching and preparing the body for movement

The joints, the muscles, the fascia, fluids etc….


After this pick a Dancing cards. 

What are the first thoughts that come to mind after reading the task and looking at the photo?
What is the sensation in your body?
What type of movement begins to actualize?
How do you feel?

Videotape the dance. 

Repeat this same task after a week. 
What has changed? 


With the Free Dancing cards APP you can:

Creative dance practice is an instant way to tap into your imagination. Written movement tasks give you the inspiration to begin to move. Let your mind and body freely create movements that are new, a movement that becomes unique dances. 

Dance Journal 

Deepen self-awareness by documenting your daily dance experience on your Dance Journal. Some of the daily Dance tasks include questions, which you can answer to in your dance journal. Patterns and personal meaning to your dances may begin to arise. This is your body teaching you about your unique body built and life experiences. 


Daily movement task:

Create new movement each day with dance tasks that will take you to new
Dancing cards census: 

Send your dance photos and videos to us via email to take part in the Dancing cards Sensus. We will study what patterns, similarities and differences arise from the Dance tasks from around the world. We will share our report with the registered Dancing cards APP users. 

Remember liability!

You are responsible for your own movement and dance practice. Dancing cards LLC is for inspirational dance art use only. We do not act as healthcare professionals even though some of our collaborators might have a profession in the healthcare field. We produce art only. 

The Dancing cards app for 17 years and older, children and teens under 17 yo can use the Dancing cards APP with the permission of their lawful guardian. The Dancing cards LLC and its collaborators and affiliates are not liable for any physical, monetary or psychological injury that may occur during or after using the Dancing cards LL inspirational dance tasks or Dancing cards APP. 

Dancing cards tasks will draw information for you about your life experiences. After reading the task, pay attention to the first thoughts that come to mind. We recommend working with those impulses and ideas. Always listen to your body's messages to practice safely. This is sometimes hard to even professional dancers as we are taught to push through the pain and ignore the body's messages while performing. For this reason dancing with Dancing, cards is safe as you are responsible for the dances you make, you create them from your current physical and mental state. The physical evolution will take place as your body will naturally and gently begin to develop your dances further. This phenomenon is familiar to choreographers as they often use improvised movement in search for new. 

You can read the Dancing cards tasks and dance for as long as you feel you like dancing. We recommend you record your dances to follow the progress of your dance practice. This will be a fascinating part of the journey as you will most likely find surprising things about yourself. 
Don't be afraid to be still, if you feel you can't come up with movement then listen to your stillness. Stay within your stillness, it can tell you things. 

Keep an observative mind while dancing with Dancing cards. Thoughts that surface, emotions you experience, sensations in the body, acknowledge these and write them down. This is the process that will teach you about you.
Happy dancing
Dancing cards team
For any questions or ideas, you can always email us directly