Tasks Ruby Josephine Smith, dancer and educator based in Morocco. Photo credit  Marouan Ben Larbi.


The Musicality of a Foreign Language

Find a recited text, dialogue from a movie, a partner who can read something out loud or speak in a foreign language. Close your eyes and listen. See how you can move with the sound and intonation of the words, without understanding their meaning. How does the body react to the voice? How do the new sounds and rhythms inspire and change your physicality?


Spell It Out

Spell out each letter of your name using different parts of the body. This could mean tracing the outline of the letter with, for example, a finger, your toes, an elbow, the top of your head, etc. It could also involve creating the shape of the letter with any part of the body or the entire structure. Repeat, improvising with different ways of tracing and shaping the letters. If you find movements or shapes that you like, feel free to repeat and turn it into a “name” choreography.