About Dancing cards   

Dancing cards invite you to enjoy the creative process of dance making. Anyone can get inspired by our dance tasks and begin to develop personal movement taste and style.

Practicing with Dancing cards is simple. Pick one dance tasks and dance it for a minute or more. Connect several Dancing cards to compose a dance. Dance by yourself and with friends or take a Dancing cards class. The Dancing cards practice will start the creation of unique dances by you. Soon you will be inventing dance tasks of your own and ways to use them to build dances. 

Dancing cards tasks introduce a range of refreshing topics. With our dances, we physically connect with nature, design, architecture and explore ideas such as the rotation of the planets. Some of the tasks are metaphysical in nature, guiding us to seek and find what our dances have to tell about the complex synergies that make up the human experience. 

While Dancing cards offers an opportunity for philosophical dance training, the physiological benefits are evident. By providing the body vast variety of movement, we break our daily routines and repetition. This can help in preventing of common occupational and recreational injuries such as neck and shoulder pain. 

Fun fact

The original dance cards, evening programs made of luxurious materials, were used in the dance balls in 1800's and 1900's. A lady would wear the dance card on her wrist, writing down the name of the composer, dance, and dance partner on to it until it was full. Thus the expression "My dance card is full."
nspired by the custom, we created the modern version, the Dancing cards ™.The digital Dancing cards ™ now offered on the Dancing cards APP, presenting dancers world wide. With the Dancing cards™, dancers of all levels can discover their artistry and learn about the synergies that make up the dance experience. 

 Photo Payton Leihgeber, Dancer Anna

Photo Payton Leihgeber, Dancer Anna

About the founder


Heidi Alasuvanto is the founder of the Dancing cards concept. The idea for the co-creative dance project started marinating when Heidi was studying dance in New York City at Dance New Amsterdam as a VISA student in 2006. She wanted to connect dancers from home with the dancers in the city. It took ten years for the Dancing cards to form and after becoming a mother, Heidi wanted to make the concept more inclusive and reflect the values she wants her son to learn though improvised dance practice. Today the Dancing cards concept offers creative dance task method and co-creative projects for dancers of all ages and levels. The Dancing cards is a place for everyone to find inspiration on how to add more dance into their lives, to connect and strengthen the sense of community through dancing together.

Heidi has worked as an dance instructor since 2000, her choreographic work and dance videos have been shown in places such as Transitory Museum Of Art in Slovenia, Sibelius Akatemia in Finland, Triskelion Arts in New York City, Dance New Amsterdam in New York City andAbout Anthology Video Archives in New York City.