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When my patients come in, it is seldom that they had pulled a muscle at the gym or at dance practice. It is when they do seemingly mundane tasks, such as opening the kitchen cabinet or turning on the light switch, when they tear the rotator cuff muscle and end up having surgery on it. It sounds unbelievable but that’s how it happens.

When we are at the gym, we are in our bodies. We focus on the specific movement we are performing. But we are not necessarily aware of how we move in our day to day life. The mindfulness checks out at the exercise class studio door.

It is all about reconnecting with the interface, which is our bodies. Remembering our true selves, that there is no separation. When we live in our heads, with technology, entertainment, when we worry, think of work during free time, we are prone to more injuries and accidents. With the Dancing cards method, we draw the attention back into our bodies throughout the day. Our method will help you to seek and find a balance for body and the mind, the two as one. The method will carry out to your physical practice as well by deepening body awareness.

Daniel Alasuvanto


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Established 2015, Dancing cards has designed movement workshops for children, adults and educators.

We cater to private, educational and corporate sectors.


Dance artist, Heidi Alasuvanto and Daniel Alasuvanto, Graduate of the Pacific college of oriental medicine